We regularly host a Mindset Course with Stephen Aish who runs the Mindset Coaching Academy. This is where people spend the day learning about how their minds work and how their reactions to events can affect their wellbeing, you also get to learn strategies and exercises to help work through tough periods in your life as well as figuring out what is the best for you.

You will learn some NLP techniques as well as Mindfulness and Meditation.

Our next course is on Saturday 26thSeptember 2020 from 9am-6pm in Crowborough. Get in touch with us for booking details.

Mindset - Health, Happiness & Purpose Course

Stephen Aish is back to change more peoples lives. He will spend the day going through how our minds work and using specific exercises to start the process of change that will help you gain inner peace instead of holding onto the Hot Coal of life that is burning your life away.

Our last course proved so popular that we have managed to convince Stephen to return to run one more before the end of the year. We keep putting them on because they are changing people's lives. The way you think, the way you feel, the way you react.

Do you feel trapped? Suffering because of how you feel people treat you? Do people's actions/words have an effect on the way you feel? Do you feel depressed? That you are not good enough? Suffer from addiction? Constantly angry? Sleepless nights? Suffer with road rage? Suffer form anxiety? Panic attacks? Hate your job? Always seem to have bad luck? 1,000,000 things going on in your head? Not knowing where to start with all those tasks/things to do?

If you could find peace within yourself just by understanding how your mind works and by using some simple exercises to change the way you see the world and live your life... what value would you put on that?

This course has changed many peoples lives and it can change yours. Are you willing to take the first step and take a chance on changing your life forever?

The course costs just £75 for the day (early bird discount) and includes lunch, the cost is just £40 for anyone who has already attended a course in the past and wants to return to pick up yet more information whilst reinforcing what they have already learnt.

Please complete the application form opposite and return to us by email having made the payment online at info@vmafitness.co.uk to register.